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With Kyparissia as a starting point it is a good opportunity to discover the surrounding area as well as Messinia. Messinia is a place with rich history and diverse scenery. One part of the most beautiful in whole Greece, with a lot of monuments of all historic periods, mountains with forests, olive groves, picturesque villages, amazing beaches, good food and cultural events.
Start from the prefecture's capital, Kalamata, known for the International Dance Festival, with museums, churches, traditional restaurants, cafes, bars and the endless beach. Kalamata is connected by air with Athens and many European cities and by car you can reach Athens in just 2 hours, making access to Messinia very easy. 
In Messinia you can visit many interesting sites such as Ancient Messina with its theater, Venetian castles in Methoni and Koroni, Nestor's Palace in Pylos and museums. 
Don’t miss tasting local dishes made with excellent quality local products such as Kalamon Olives and olive oil, pork, figs and raisins. 
You’ll be excited with the famous beaches of Messinia such as Voidokilia, Analipsi and Elaia close to Kyparissia or Finikounda, for windsurf enthusiasts.
Kyparissia, ranking the fourth city of the Messinia region, after Kalamata, Messene and Filiatra, in terms of population is a charming seaside town that combines modern with old. It consists of the so-called traditional settlement of the Ano Poli (Upper Town) and the modern New Poli or Kato Poli (New or Lower City). In Ano Poli there are monuments such as the Castle of Kyparissia, overlooking the city and the sea, Arkadia Square (the name of the town in medieval times), the fountains at the entrance of the castle, the public baths (hamam), which you will meet when walking in the narrow cobbled streets. After you walk in Ano Poli you will stroll down to the Kato Poli where you can find restaurants and cafes. In the summer you will visit the beautiful beaches of the area that can satisfy all tastes. There are beaches with sand or pebbles, cosmopolitan or secluded and quiet.
Kalamata, the capital of Messinia, is a city of 70,000 inhabitants full of life. The city has been reborn since the earthquake of 1986, and today it is the dynamic urban, economic and commercial center of the region, as well as the administrative center of the Prefecture of Messinia. In the city there are important monuments such as the church of the Holy Apostles, the symbol of the city, the Frankish Castle with panoramic views of the city of Kalamata and numerous museums such as the Benaki Museum of Kalamata with important archaeological finds from the greater area of Messinia, the Military Museum with arms and military uniforms and the Folklore Museum. The city offers plenty of dining, coffee and drinks choices and beautiful beaches. It is at 70 km distance from Kyparissia.
One of the most important archaeological sites in Messinia is the Ancient Messine. In recent years, major archaeological restoration work has been done, making the monument easier for the visitors to understand how it used to be in ancient years. The ancient city has sanctuaries and public buildings, imposing fortifications, residences, funerary monuments and the theater that today it is used occasionally for theatrical performances. The city has never been destroyed, nor was it covered by newer settlements. It is situated in an eminently Mediterranean unspoilt natural landscape. Ancient Messine was built according to the Hippodamian town-planning system, with all the buildings having the same orientation, according to a grid created by horizontal and vertical streets. It is 40 km away from Kyparissia and 30 km from Kalamata.
Pylos or Navarino is 53 km away from Kyparissia. Homer refers to Pylos as “the kingdom of Nestor”. The side that is considered to be the palace of king Nestor dates from the 13th century BC and it is located on the hill of Epano Eglianos, 17 km from the town of Pylos. When you go to Pylos you can visit the Pylos Museum, located in the center of the city, see the house where Tsiklitiras lived, the winner of two gold medals in the 1912 Olympics. It is also worth visiting the islands of Navarino Bay, Sfakteria, Tsichli Baba or Fanari and Chelonaki. Near Pylos you will find the Gialova lagoon and the popular Viodokilia beach, as well as the cave of Nestor.
In these two cities you will admire their beautiful Venetian castles. Methoni is at a distance of 64 km from Kyparissia. The huge castle of the 13th century is one of the largest of the Mediterranean, with an impressive entrance leading to a stone bridge with 14 arches. Do not miss to take a stroll in the picturesque town with the beautiful old houses. The castle of Koroni is an elegant example of the Venetian fortress architecture and is one of the few castles that in its interior there are houses and churches. The settlement exudes an island atmosphere with whitewashed alleys, balconies filled with flowers and colorful shutters. Koroni is 95 km away from Kyparissia.
The area of Kyparissia and Messinia have many well-known beaches that can satisfy all tastes. In the very town of Kyparissia, you will find the organized and busy sandy beach of Ag. Lagoudis, where you will swim and drink your coffee. Sani, Kartelas, Langouardos and Kalo Nero, where there is an information center for Caretta Caretta turtles, are some of the choices offered in the greater area of Kyparissia. Voidokilia, Finikounda, Polylimnio, Vounaria, Peroulia are some of the most popular beaches of Messinia.